Amalia Morales

Amalia Morales Garicoits is a top producing realtor, licensed in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Recognized by WASHINGTONIAN Magazine as one of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020's Top Real Estate Agents.

Known for her hard work, integrity, and dedication to her clients, Amalia possesses a gift for dealing with people and a strong ability in bringing people and properties together.

In her role as a buyer agent, she is fully a client advocate; an agent who focuses on the purchaser’s needs, desires, and opportunities. When selling, Amalia is well known for her accurate pricing, innovative marketing, and wide agent networking.

Amalia’s passion and energy are recognized among her clients and colleagues. She is trustworthy, competent, dynamic, and responsible. Amalia was born on the border between Uruguay and Brazil and has lived in Uruguay, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA. She is used to living in multicultural environments and fluently speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

For more real estate information on the DC, MD, and VA areas, feel free to contact Amalia at (202) 957-8021 - [email protected]