Design Trends for Spring

As we welcome the new season, it is the perfect time to think about the updates in decor we want for your properties to refresh the space.

Here we share 5 tips based on the expected interior design trends for the season.


Particularly in the spring, now that the temperatures have started to improve, it is the perfect time to invite new plants into the home. Greenery gives a sense of comfort, warmth, and brightness to any space. We recommend selecting plants with pops of colors to add vibrancy to any room, but also ensure to select ones that are easy to care for such as Snake Plant, Aloe, Bromeliads, or the Chinese Money Plant.


white ceramic mug on white ceramic saucer on white wooden cabinet

Add Color, Texture, and Warmth

If you are thinking of renovating your bathrooms or kitchen, it is the perfect time to consider including earth colors, for example, consider going for wood color cabinets instead of white, deep blue, gray, or dark green. For texture, this can be simply done by adding different throw pillows or rugs. 


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Bold Colors for Both Ceilings and Walls

Spring is the perfect time to awaken your space with a little energy-giving splash of paint. Painting the walls and ceiling the same bold color is the top trend of the season, as It will give the space more of a high-design hospitality atmosphere rather than a perfectly stage home aesthetic that can feel cold and uninviting. As this can be a big change, ensure to give yourself a couple of days after painting to process it and embrace the new colors, then I assure you that you will feel inspired to decorate accordingly.


Personalized Pieces

Consider visiting your local farmers' market or vintage shop to find unique or antique pieces that can help personalize your space. Would also recommend checking only stores, such as Facebook Market, eBay, or Etsy where you can find quality pieces for discounted prices. Consider purchasing wall decor hand-made by local artists or antique furniture pieces that hold history and can become a conversation point when inviting guests to your home. 

Dual-Purpose Rooms

As many of us continue to work from home, it becomes a necessity for our living spaces to double as workrooms. Therefore, consider purchasing furniture pieces that can have double functionality. For example, consider including desks in your guest room to use as a separate office, or purchase exercise equipment to install in your garage to comber the space into an at-home gym, the possibilities can be endless depending on your needs. 

Above every trend always remember to include in your home only what actually makes you smile and better fits your needs.


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