How To Take Care Of Your Garden In Summers

For garden lovers, the summertime brings common challenges. Such as dividing time and effort between keeping the gardens in good shape, and enjoying them during the summer holidays.

Here we list Summer Gardening tips that will help you nurture your Summer Garden, for both, the beginner and experienced gardener. 

1) Be Smart About Watering. Although you might fear at rising temperatures might dry your plants, remember to remain smart about watering. The typical rule of thumb is to water flowerbeds twice a week with plenty of water. This will be more effective than watering the flowerbeds more frequently, with less water.

2) Improve Soil Quality. The summer heat can certainly affect the quality of your soil, therefore consider adding organic matter to enrich it. Remember to add compost or soil improver when plating something new to enhance your soil’s moisture and water-retaining ability which will also help to transfer the nutrients to your plant.

3) Invest in Shade. With the intensity of the summer heat, it is important to consider investing in some shade to protect the most delicate plants. Even though growth in vegetables is friendly and responsive to sun exposure, too much of it can be harmful.

4) Rooftop Gardening for cooler homes. An ecological solution to the scorching heat in summer, rooftop gardening can help control and bring down the high temperature inside your homes.

Now get ready and enjoy the beautiful summer weather in your fantastic well-cared garden!

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