5 Real Estate Design Trends 2022

Take a look at the most talked-about trends to invite to your home this new year and the ones to let go of.


Retro Industrial Resin Chandelier Fresh Wood Branch Chandelier Glass Bubble LED Ceiling Light Height Adjustable For Living Room Bedroom Dining Room


- Titanic Fixtures: These become major art pieces and define the personality of the space.

- Metal Shades: offers a pop of polish to a minimalist and pattern-loaded interior. 

White & Brass Lighting: Brass has long been trending but the glam combo is rising in popularity.

NOT: Teensy pendant lights and little dangling lights, even multiples of them in large rooms. 



- Wood laid patterns, especially herringbone. 

- Lighter hardwood flooring, matte finish.

NOT: Fancy tile, too busy to pair well with the natural world. 



- Japandi: A cross between Japanese and Scandinavian design that includes soft, nature-inspired colors that exude welcoming, peaceful feelings. 

- Maximalism: A contrasting combination of colors, materials, textures, and modernity with traditional elements, typically accompanied by a large number of accessories and decorations. 

NOT: Boho Chic with Tribal



  • Mixing up different countertops, a perimeter countertop in one stone and an island countertop in another. 
  • Backsplash with no visible outlets, instead of installing plugs below the upper cabinets.

NOT: All-white kitchens and clutter countertops. 



- Wet Rooms: A room that’s designed to get wet with a lack of separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom floor. 

- Ideal for smaller bathrooms that don’t have ample space for both a bathtub and separate shower.

- Using matching tiles on both floors and walls will accentuate the sense of space.

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