Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Every Falll

As a homeowner, when the fall and winter seasons approach there are several activities to be completed throughout your property to ensure it is kept in the best condition. One important task to tackle before the start of winter is the deep cleaning of all gutters. Keeping leaves out of gutters is crucial for protecting the structure of your home and preventing costly inconveniences in the future. To educate further on the importance of this activity we have listed a number of reasons why cleaning your gutters is important.

Note: If you live in a townhouse community ensure to check in with your association to be certain that this activity is covered along with your monthly dues otherwise ensure to hire a professional to assist you with this service. 

Protect Your Roof. The main purpose of the gutters is to allow for the continuous flow of rainwater in order for it to not sit and damage the roof. If the water does not travel freely away from your roof, the sitting water can cause severe damage to your roof and originate leaks.

Prevent Water Damage. When gutters and downspouts are blocked with leaves and debris, rainwater may not drain properly. As water overflows from gutters, it can cause water damage to both the interior and exterior of your home.

Reduce the risk of a cracked foundation. If the downspouts are blocked, water will not be able to travel freely away from the home, which will originate a pool around the foundation and in consequence affect its condition. Water damages to the foundation can cause cracks which then expand and freeze during the winter month, allowing for more water to travel through the crevices.

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