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Amalia Morales Garicoits’ Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Bethesda, MD

Home prices in Bethesda are soaring, and most homes go under contract quickly after hitting the market. If you have Bethesda, MD, real estate to sell, you’ll have a good chance of commanding multiple competitive offers when you list your home for sale. This article will provide additional tips and tricks to help you stand out and attract more buyers to your listing. 

Get an inspection ahead of time

Most buyers will order an inspection of their own shortly after they agree to a deal to purchase a home. An inspector will visit the property to review all interior and exterior spaces. They will create a report that details any outstanding damage or recommended repairs. 

Suppose your home has significant foundation damage or mechanical or structural concerns. In that case, the buyer might prefer to leave the deal or reopen negotiations about the sales price. You can avoid these surprises by scheduling your inspection before putting your home on the market. This allows you to address any concerns that may otherwise affect the price you command on your home.

Make a few minor upgrades

Perhaps the inspection shows that your home is in good condition, but you still want to make a few improvements or upgrades to help your home stand out on the market. Certain home projects are proven to offer the greatest return on investment. Many sellers find that minor kitchen and bathroom upgrades can provide a tremendous return, along with any improvements that make a home more energy-efficient. Ideas include adding insulation to your attic or replacing your garage door. 

Price your home to stand out

As you start thinking about an asking price for your home, you’ll work with your real estate agent to run a comparative market analysis (CMA), which generates an estimate based on what similar properties are selling for in your area. This report will help you understand what sort of appraised value your home could have. 

Once you know this number, you can look at the current availability of homes in your price range. Perhaps there’s a gap in the market where your home could stand out as the only available option based on how you strategically choose a price point. For example, if your home could appraise for $700,000 and there are currently no homes for sale between $700,000 and $750,000, pricing your home in this range will allow you to dominate that portion of the market. 

Think carefully about how you will stage your home

Whether you hire a professional home stager or prepare your home yourself, it’s essential to consider how you will prepare it for in-person showings and professional pictures.

Start by depersonalizing each room in your home. Buyers may feel awkward if they notice family pictures or college diplomas on the walls. You should also clear any clutter that doesn’t accentuate your home’s layout and functionality. You don’t want your buyers to become so distracted by looking at your possessions that they fail to notice the home's appearance. 

You can also use scents to create a more pleasant atmosphere inside your home — but don’t go overboard. Plugging multiple air fresheners into the wall in each room can be overwhelming for some guests who may have sensitivities to strong smells. Consider using fresh scents like rosemary or thyme instead.

Get creative with your marketing plan

Effective marketing attracts as many buyers to your listing as possible. Start by putting a “for sale” sign in your front yard that alerts neighbors and drive-by traffic of your home’s availability. Set aside time to create a compelling online listing that includes a well-written home description and bright and attractive images of your home. 

Most sellers will hire a professional photographer to take the pictures they will include with their listing. You can also consider the benefits of using social media to market your home. Many sellers find that they can cast a wider net by running a promoted Facebook ad campaign that allows them to target specific demographics. 

Decide if you’ll have an open house

You don’t have to host an open house when selling your home, but many sellers will schedule a time when interested buyers can see their property. If you choose an open house, allow your real estate agent to host. Buyers may feel uncomfortable asking specific questions or thoroughly looking over the property if you (as the current owner) are around during the open house. 

Find an experienced real estate agent

Working with a trusted real estate agent will help you in several ways. Your agent will help you choose your home's best possible asking price. They will assist with your marketing and staging efforts. They will spread the word about your home to other agents in the area if they have any buyers who want to schedule a time to see your home. You may find that you can schedule multiple showings before your home officially goes on the market by capitalizing on your agent’s network of professional relationships. 

Amalia Morales Garicoits is an experienced Bethesda, MD, real estate agent known for her integrity and dedication to each client. Her clients appreciate her expert negotiating skills and her ability to create innovative marketing solutions. Reach out to Amalia if you’re looking for a passionate and energetic guide who can walk you through selling your home. She would love to help you however she can.

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