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Blog - Interior Design Trends That Will Define 2024

Explore the intriguing design shifts of the new year with our blog. From evolving classics to emerging styles, we take a closer look at the trends that are reshaping the design landscape.


Immerse your living spaces in the soothing embrace of Peach Fuzz, the color of the year. Infuse kindness, compassion, and connection into your home by painting accent walls, cozy bedrooms, or inviting living areas with this soft, heartfelt hue. Let Peach Fuzz create a warm and tranquil atmosphere, fostering a sense of peace and comfort in your personal space.

Pantone Color of the Year 2024 - LINK


Kitchen backsplashes are evolving into prominent statements, expanding their visual impact. Designers are elevating the importance of the backsplash by incorporating a stone or quartz slab behind the range or countertop, maintaining the surrounding backsplash in traditional tile. Typically mirroring the kitchen countertop, the slab backsplash, in a bold presentation, extends vertically to the ceiling, highlighting the graphic veining of the stone as a striking focal point.


A growing number of homeowners are integrating traditional elements and materials into their home design. This not only cultivates a "timeless style" but also proves to be a sustainable choice during renovations, as stated in the Houzz report. The report notes that even in modern homes, there's a trend of incorporating 'old' elements like brick, handmade clay tiles, rustic wood features, and arches, contributing to an atmosphere of 'quiet luxury.


The current housing market is influencing homeowners to undertake changes that would attract potential buyers down the line. This shift has seen a notable rise in outdoor upgrades, kitchen renovations, and the integration of smart home features. For 2024, the predictions are that the emphasis will be on projects aimed at long-term investment returns, focusing on space improvements rather than additional constructions. This suggests a growing preference for projects with widespread appeal in the upcoming year.


In 2024, the focus in home design revolves around creating additional space. Butler pantries emerge as a popular choice for extra kitchen storage, offering not only increased room but also a designated prep area. Homeowners seeking more space are turning to finishing basements or attics. For simpler upgrades, it is recommended to consider practical solutions like a utility cart on wheels or behind-the-door hooks to revamp existing spaces.

Updating your space to match your style and needs isn't just about looks—it's about feeling good! A personalized space brings comfort and joy, reflecting who you are. So, go ahead, make those changes that make you smile, and create a home that feels uniquely yours. It's your happy place!

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