Amalia made our house purchasing experience smooth and enjoyable. She is very pleasant, patient, and client-oriented, we always felt that she was on our side and had our best interest in mind. She was respectful of our decision and gave us space, but helped out on our decision-making process by sharing honest views on pros and cons about specific houses when asked. Super organized and responsive, she goes out of her way to make sure everything is done in time and well. I felt very comfortable working with her, I would recommend Amalia without any reservation.
We worked with Amalia on the search for our first house in the USA. We are completely satisfied with the whole buying process and with the house she helped us to find. All along, whenever we needed her, she was always readily available. She has an impressive knowledge of the market and the neighborhoods we were interested in. We believe this was key for the bidding process, which we won competing against 4 other offers. We were pleasantly impressed by her professionalism and her willingness to help even after we were already settled in our new home. We also had her support with aspects that are clearly beyond her role as a real estate agent. Since she herself has lived in many countries, she knows exactly what you go through during a relocation process. I believe this explains the empathy we felt many times when discussing with her different issues.
We were looking for our perfect home and thanks to Amalia WE DID IT!!!. The knowledge and experience was exceptional, always supported us from the beginning until the closing. She took every minute to explain in detail the contract and in case of doubt, was always there for a clarification/explanation. The market survey carried out before submitting an offer and negotiating skills helped us save money. Always polite, positive, and professional, 100% recommended without any doubt.
I am very happy to recommend Amalia Morales.  She is a dedicated, responsive, forward-looking, honest, and driven professional who has built an integrated team to provide the best service to find, close, and settle a home.
My overall experience buying a house with Amalia was of complete satisfaction, she made our experience of buying a real pleasure versus a nightmare. And this is because she is the most reliable, honest, and competitive person I have ever met. Her positive energy and her full understanding of the market gave us the perfect opportunity to find our home. It is not easy finding the house of your dreams. For us, it was our first home and she was really helpful and patient in finding the right one.  I fully recommend her services and I have no words to describe how grateful I am to meet her and have her as a friend as well.
poly duran
It was a pleasure to work with Amalia. She helped me understand the entire process, provided excellent recommendations, and made the entire buying process seem easy and fun.
alejandra maruri4
Mrs. Morales’s role as realtor included providing me advice in all administrative matters of the buying process, scheduling of appointments and visits to more than 50 houses, preparation of the offer, supporting me in the negotiation. Mrs. Morales’s knowledge of the market and her strong networking capabilities have greatly helped me in the buying process. She has had a very proactive attitude in supporting me in that process. Mrs. Morales has demonstrated many times to be capable of performing in a professional sectoral capacity. For example, Ms. Morales helped me to visit and know differents neighborhoods and the different pros and cons of each of them. Mrs. Morales displays a passion for working with her clients and I would describe her as engaging and constructive when working towards identifying the needs of her clients. Furthermore, she usually proposes solutions for achieving her client´s objectives. At least, she did it with me. Briefly, Mrs. Morales is a very strong and capable professional with a market-oriented approach. She has been able to fully support me in a very long time (almost 6 months) providing great quality support to me with professionalism, work ethics, and knowledge of the real estate business
Amalia Morales Garicoits was instrumental in helping us find, negotiate and purchase a home. She went the extra mile on all counts before and after the transaction. Amalia made herself available on weekends and on short notice to address numerous questions by my wife and to open the house for multiple visits. The transaction itself was VERY smooth even though the owner was absent. She enabled that the owner conducts nearly all the repairs that we requested. Amalia also helped us identify contractors and handymen to help with some work we wanted to performed on the house. Amalia is very considerate and conscientious and made many follow-up calls to my wife to inquire about any problems after we moved in. We would give Amalia our very highest recommendation.
Amalia helped us buy our house. She made a complicated process easy, and even fun!. She was very responsive and committed. Amalia knew who to call at the different stages of the process in order to facilitate it (e.g. inspections, financial advice, etc.). She is a great realtor and I will definitely contact her again.
Amalia has been extremely helpful throughout the whole home buying experience. She knows well the local market and understood perfectly our needs from the very beginning, which allowed us to save time in the house-hunting process, making it very efficient. She has also provided comprehensive, truthful, and timely advice and has been highly reliable.
Living the homebuying process in Washington DC, supported by Amalia has been one of the best things that could happen to us. Amalia made this difficult path, would become easy and fun. She was patient and compressive. She took us to visit all areas of the city; we wanted to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each neighborhood, schools, security, transportation options, etc. After several months it was time to bid, we would not have done without her, she was thoroughly professional. At all times we felt safe. The way she made the offer it was fair for both sides. She excellently explained us the steps and even when we had to make several proposals, her optimism was always an ally to know that eventually, we would find the best home for us. Thanks, Amalia!!!
gabo sr
Amalia was extremely helpful in our process of rushing to find a rental home for our family. We needed very specific details in the house we were looking and she managed to select the perfect ones for our criteria. She was always willing to change or modify the selection according to our needs. She tries to negotiate the best possible price and ended up getting a very good deal.
Amalia helped us find our first home and made the purchasing experience as smooth as possible. She always had our best interest in mind and was very respectful and patient. Super organized and responsive, Amalia made herself available on weekends at pretty much any time! We would recommend Amalia 100%!
Amalia is very professional. We were impressed with her level of responsiveness and knowledge of the area. She always showed a great willingness to answer any questions we had and was always available to respond to emails and calls. She is a very dynamic and friendly person. I highly recommend Amalia as a real state agent for the DC / Maryland area.
aguileragarcia rocio
Amalia is a very friendly, professional, and respectful person. She is a very hard-working woman and she doesn't get tired until you get what you want. Our process to find our first home was very very painful. Whatever I wanted, my wife didn't like it and vice versa. Therefore, Amalia kept making appointments until we got what we both liked. If it were not for Amalia, we wouldn't have bought that house. Buying a home is a very tough process that requires tough and dedicated people like Amalia. What is amazing is that we become good friends!
You can't find a better realtor than Amalia. She exceeded expectations in every possible way. My wife and I were out of town when we were selling and thought this would be a nightmare, but Amalia took care of EVERYTHING. She made a sound assessment of our home's potential and helped us decide to change the floor. Then she looked for and negotiated with contractors to help us find a good deal and oversaw the installation. She brought in professional cleaners; a photographer; stored a bunch of clutter that we had, and generally did everything to have a successful open house. The timing turned out to be perfect. We sold within a week! Amalia even helped us sell some of our furniture. There were no surprises, no disappointments, no bumps on the road. I don't know what we would have done without Amalia.
I am pleased to report that we were extremely happy with the way Amalia conducted the sale of our home in Split Tree Circle. Amalia is an outstanding professional. Not only she is extremely knowledgeable and a very hard worker: she combines these qualities with a willingness to please and to serve. Throughout the process, she showed incredible negotiating skills with potential buyers. In fact, it only took 10 days to sell the house from the open house day. Her attention to detail, grace under pressure, and perseverance are remarkable. She is not only bilingual in Spanish and English, but actually has a profound understanding of both the Latín and AngloSaxon cultures, which serves her very well when serving the Hispanic community in the Washington area. Al, her professional advice was right, from the pricing to the brochure presentation or her approach to other real estate agents. Thanks to Amalia, the always cumbersome and difficult process of selling a home became a stress-free process, and even a very pleasant one. Therefore, I highly recommend her services and would certainly trust her again for any real state transaction
Amalia was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process! She was very proactive in helping me understand the market, how much I could likely afford, and the steps needed to close the deal. Once I knew which property I wanted to purchase, Amalia sprung into action, and in less than 2 days I was preapproved for a mortgage and was under contract. She also successfully negotiated with the seller to cover most of my closing costs. I highly recommend her!
Amalia has been wonderful, she not only found our perfect home, but also she was very persistent in helping us to find the perfect lender for us.  Her process expertise and responsiveness are extraordinary no matter the day nor time she was always there for us.
Amalia Morales and the team did an outstanding job in all the process of finding a new home for us, negotiating it, and then going through all the paperwork related to the settlement (including the process with the lender). Amalia's skills proved particularly useful when it came the time to think about strategies to maximize chances that our offer would be accepted at a fair price. She went through the various options explaining their pros/cons in depth. This allowed us to win the first offer that we made for the house that we liked the most. I highly recommend Amalia's realtor services to anyone.
When you look for your new home the most important thing is to be able to trust the person who is helping you. To feel that the person is actually interested in helping you get what you want - even if it takes time - not necessarily what would be convenient to the realtor. Amalia went out of her way to help us find the place we wanted, even using evenings and weekends in order to help us. Thanks to her we are confident we have thoroughly reviewed the market and found the right place for the right amount!
egf lindblom
Amalia was an angel provided by God for me and my family in the hardest time in my life, I will recommend her strongly to those to need a place to live, she is a wonderful guide, with professionalism and spirits to help the clients to get the best choice. My first language is Spanish, so I will let a Spanish note for those who just speak in this way. Amalia fue una herramienta vital para que hoy mi familia y yo tengamos un techo y un lugar digno donde vivir en los Estados Unidos, nuestro caminar juntas en este proceso fue de mucho provecho, ella estuvo pendiente de cada detalle, nos ayudo en todo el proceso desde el principio al final, estamos muy agradecidos de sus atenciones y profesionales, la recomiendo altamente para cualquiera que anhele encontrar el rincon de sus suenos, ella es la persona adecuada y les aseguro que obtendran lo que buscan. Gracias Amalia por toda tu ayuda!!!
Kenia a garcia
I just bought my first HOUSE having the privilege of being Amalia's client. Amalia helped me through all the steps of my house buying process and she was awesome. Not also she was extremely helpful, patient, and comprehensive of my fears and concerns but also help me to go over the whole process. I will recommend her to every person I know who is in need of a great Real Estate professional.
Amalia is a really good realtor. She is well oriented to your necessities, and she is very active at the time of searching. What I liked more was that she is a detailed person that is very important at the time of closing. I would recommend Amalia to anyone, for her care, enthusiasm, and diligence at her work. She accomplished a great job.
Sandra quiroga r
We just moved from Italy to the Washington DC area and needed a family home. Amalia proved to be super helpful to resolve our needs even before we landed in the US. We started conversations remotely and gave her the basic parameters of what we were after. She was able to provide us with a list of options and during our first weekend, we hit the right property! Amalia has a rare combination of people skills, knowledge of the area, knowledge of what expats require when landing, and definitely a vast network of contacts to make an otherwise complex and dreading experience into something actually enjoyable!
Amalia did a truly wonderful job from the beginning, during, and after the transaction. (Even months after my purchase she keeps calling me and writing to remind me of some things or ask me how everything is going, it's incredible)She is an extremely organized and responsible person who does not leave any forgotten details. I really could take things slowly and leave everything in her hands. She made the buying process really pleasant, relaxed and I enjoyed it.In the beginning, Amalia and I had a deep conversation trying to know and identify my interests, needs, and expectations. In addition to knowing my times, budget, and possibilities. Based on that, she makes a "plan of work".She has in-depth knowledge of each step of the purchasing process, market characteristics, details and information of each neighborhood, the "secrets" to take into account in each house, and uses those resources to achieve a fast, secure, successful, and satisfactory transaction.In addition to everything, she is a very kind and fun person that makes your buying experience smooth and easy. 10 stars for Amalia!
Amalia came highly recommended, and I am glad I used her services. She was very knowledgeable, responsible, and helpful during the whole process. Her attention to detail and negotiation skills were outstanding, which made the transaction easier. She quickly answered my calls and emails, making sure I get the information needed. All in all, her professionalism and devotion to her clients make her an excellent realtor. I would highly recommend Amalia’s services.
My family and I were looking for a rental house. We spoke to 3 different real estate agents and none of them were able to find us a house that would be good for us. We then found Amalia. Amalia found us our dream rental home that everyone was very happy with. She is very patient and always ready to help you as best as she can. We were very grateful to find Amalia. You cannot go wrong with Amalia she is truly the best and we will let her find us a house to buy in the future.
Recomiendo a Amalia como realtor. Es muy profesional, conoce muy bien el mercado y aporta mucho en la búsqueda y selección de opciones.Conoce el proceso, explica de manera detallada cada paso, aclara cuales son las responsabilidades y riesgos de cada parte. Se asegura de que cada paso se cumpla en el plazo indicado.Es excelente en la negociación, muy transparente. Ayuda con el trámite ante el Banco y si se requiere reforma, recomienda contractors.Tiene amplia disponibilidad y su actitud de ayuda y aporte de valor al cliente, hacen que la experiencia de compra sea satisfactoria.
a riobo
I would highly recommend Amalia! This was the first time I bought a house and Amalia made the entire process a breeze. She is extremely professional, always responded promptly and provided me with the different options (pros and cons), and help me to make an informed decision. She continuously assists me to stay on top of the transaction and help me follow the process step by step, making sure everything was done on time.
mariano salto
We worked with Amalia both for the sale of our previous house and the purchase of our new home.  The transactions were complex, as the purchase of one was contingent on the sale of the other.  Amalia did a wonderful job developing a strategy and coordinating the operations.  She was beyond responsive and reliable in her (almost daily) exchanges with us and had keen attention to detail with the extensive paperwork required.  She was also extremely helpful with the many dealings with third parties (banks, title companies, HOA, etc.) needed to complete our transactions.  In summary, Amalia’s professionalism, excellent work habits, and kind nature made our experience a very positive one.
Amalia has been an incredible partner all throughout the way! Her trustworthiness, deep market knowledge, and high responsiveness enabled us to purchase our dream home in 2 days!!
After our offer was accepted, she again held our hand and helped us with the home inspection, heavy paperwork, and closing. 
It's been a few weeks since we moved to our new home, and she keeps checking in with us, providing valuable information for new homeowners, and introducing us to reliable and affordable contractors that we would like to use for little enhancements. We know we can count on her for anything.
Her self-confidence helped us manage our anxiety and remain calm all throughout the process. We really enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her to everyone! She is a true partner!!
ana larreta2
Amalia is the best realtor you could ever have!!!! We met her a few months before we started looking for our house and had a meeting where she explained the process of buying a house in very detail and gave us a perspective on the financial aspects. When we actively started looking for a house, she arranged the first day of tours...and we fell in love with a townhouse during the first one. She prepared an awesome offer that put us at the top of the list between other offers that the seller had. She always guided us in every step through the process and took care that we obtained the best for ourselves. Last but not least, the best thing about Amalia is that she is a Spanish speaker and the communication was way easier for us since my husband and I are native Spanish speakers. By the time we moved into our home, she had become a very close friend.
I hired Amalia to purchase a property in SE / Anacostia (townhouse).
Amalia's experience and support helped me go through the tough transaction. She made sure I followed all required steps. 
Furthermore, being bilingual made it very easy for me since my mother tongue is Spanish.
I recommend Amalia as a highly qualified Realtor and a reliable person. From her I received not only the best guidance and advice necessary to start the search of my house, but also her dedication and genuine effort to find the home that meets all my expectations. She did a precise and detailed search to make the most of my time. She was always willing to clarifying all my questions during the process of offer, inspection, and closing. After that, she gave me super useful tips to make everything go well at home. For these reasons, I highly recommend Amalia!!!
Carmen PARRA
I had a very good experience buying my apartment with Amalia as my Realtor. Amalia quickly understood what I needed, and before my lack of knowledge in many issues of the purchasing process, I received very detailed and well-oriented advice. Amalia, in addition to being a first-class expert, always found the time to help me with my questions and requirements quickly and clearly. I am very grateful that the purchase of my house was easy thanks to the support and advice of Amalia. I highly recommend Amalia as a realtor.
We received from Amalia exceptional technical advice and kindness. She supported us throughout the purchase process in our new home, understood and looked for a house that had our budget, location, and physical characteristics that best suited our necessities and expectations. Amalia demonstrated a wide knowledge of the real estate sector in the DC area, she advised us in an assertive way to make decisions, obtaining the best negotiation in the purchase process. She was extremely patient, persevering, and showed us up to 8 houses, even during the time and days of his vacations, until we made sure that we got the best option for our home and even became our friend.
Meticulous, Available, Knowledgeable, Master Negotiator
Thanks to Amalia's market expertise, meticulous professionalism, masterly negotiating skills, and calm demeanor, we finally got our dream home. 
We’ve been thinking of moving to a house from our condo since before our daughter was born... 8 years ago. This past summer we finally made the move thanks to no small miracle from Amalia.
Amalia was patient with our hesitation, set us up for independent browsing offers, and was readily available when we were, which seemed to be a very odd hours of the day/weekend. She draws contracts with us until midnight and was always ready to move along.
Don’t let her congenial smile fool you, when the right home came along, she negotiated on our best interest tooth and nails. We felt that our best interest was her best interest. 
And if finding our dream home was not enough, she helped us with locating contractors, and renting our condo in a very tricky time of year. 
Undoubtedly, Amalia is the real estate agent you want on your side!
Amalia is amazing! She helped us through the whole process as first buyers and made things to go really smoothly. She knows the area really well and always had handy information regarding schools, transportation and places to go. Her responsiveness is impressive, she answered all our questions promptly and the process times were managed really quickly. She also gave us a lot of advise and guidance about the legal processes and the negotiation so we could make an informed decision. We had a great deal thanks to her! I would recommend her without a doubt.
Amalia es estupenda! Conoce el area y sabe todo acerca de colegios, transporte, zonas recreativas y comercio. Siempre tiene información disponible acerca del valor de las propiedades cercanas, de cómo se cerraron los tratos en el pasado y cuál sería el precio esperado de las propiedades que uno visita con ella. Amalia es súper eficiente, responde las preguntas inmediatamente y el proceso para la compra lo realizó rápidamente. Ella también nos dio información acerca de la negociacion y todos los pormenores legales de manera que pudimos tomar una decisión informada. Gracias a ella obtuvimos un muy buen trato! La recomiendo muchísimo, quedamos muy satisfechos con su trabajo!
fabiola saavedra
I can’t thank Amalia enough to help me find my new home. Amalia is very knowledgeable, extremely patient (she showed me dozens of houses!), responsive, and always available for a showing or to answer any of my questions or concerns. She was a very effective negotiator and gave me the guidance I needed to make the winning offer at a fair price. I really appreciate that she made all the home buying processes very easy for me. The support I got from Amalia from the beginning to the time I got to settle in my new home was priceless. I have recommended Amalia to friends and would recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor.
Amalia did a great job helping us buy our first home. 
Amalia was always available, answering promptly and efficiently all our questions, clarifying our doubts, and walking us through the process providing professional advice in all involved aspects, from screening houses to negotiation.
Her knowledge on rebuilding houses was a great added value that enabled us considering a wider range of housing options. Likewise, her rapid and exclusive access to upcoming properties for sales enabled us to visit houses before other buyers, which provided us with a valuable competitive advantage.
Amalia gave us the best experience and expectations in our home acquisition process with a very detailed timetable and constant communication/ following up. We are thankful for her dedication and we more than happy to recommend her service as a realtor.
Amalia has guided me through all the processes without hesitation. The overall process went smoothly and whenever I saw a property I wanted to have a look at, she quickly managed to have a visit scheduled.She and her colleague Rosa, helped me to successfully find a condo that fitted all my needs.I will definitely recommend Amalia.
Amalia is the BEST realtor we could get!  She is knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated.  She advised us in four separate offers, two for fixer-uppers.  Her advice was key in the selection process and not to overpay for the offers we made.  In the end, we got our dream house.  We couldn’t have made it without her.  We recommend her hands down!
carolina orellanae
What can I say about Amalia? She was the best! She was able to sell our apartment in 2 days and was with us during the entire process of searching and purchasing our new home. 
She works 24/7 and has always very good advice. 
I would definitely recommend her!!!
Amalia was very professional, patient, and efficient. Always happy to help, listen and propose different options for us to consider. She is very responsible and easygoing, really a pleasure to rely on her for such an important moment/investment. I will definitely recommend her to every person looking to buy or sell a house!!
vanina goldsztein
Amalia is very knowledgeable of the market and the process of buying and selling homes. She provided excellent advice and really had our (buyers) interest at heart. I liked that she allowed us to take our time to decide what we really wanted and she did not push or rush us to make a decision. 
Amalia goes the extra mile as she recommended and engaged with those involved in the purchase process (creditors, seller, agents, contractors). That took a lot of the pressure off from us, particularly as we are new to this market. She took the edge off the process of buying a home, which is in itself quite stressful.
I think Amalia is an excellent realtor and I highly recommend her.
We purchased our first home in the USA with Amalia. We had no idea about the process, where to start, what to look for and how to look for those things. Amalia took care of it all. She guided us with patience, explaining the details along the way, providing us with the right amount of information and details to understand in which step we were and how to continue, what to look in a house, and what to avoid.We ended up buying a townhouse in northern Virginia, an area that has become extremely competitive since Amazon's announcement of their headquarters. The house had 22 (yes, twenty-two!) offers !! We won the house because of Amalia's expertise and knowledge.We couldn't be more happy and grateful!
jeremias support
To consider be on board in the real estate market in The USA as a buyer can be very challenging for a foreigner who has been living in this country for a relatively short time, which was my personal case. As part of the program for First Home Buyers in Washington DC, I had to complete a certification course. After getting it, I felt completely overwhelmed thinking about all that had to be done. Thanks to a friend in common, I was connected to Amalia, who literally brought me peace and confidence since the first call. I got impressed with her professionalism and expertise. She was always available, almost 24/7/365, which is very impressible, and what it is more splendid is that she is always responsive and optimistic, no matter the circumstances.  
I highly recommend Amalia; she is the best, an awesome Real Estate Agent in the DC area (District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland), and I'm sure that if she wants to, she can be the best agent in any state or in any part of the world because she loves what she does. Thanks to Amalia’s experience and knowledge of the market, I could switch from one process to a new one without any difficulties. I will never forget that we were able to go to the closing even in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. There is no doubt that when Amalia faces a new challenge, she just goes ahead and find the best way. She never gives up and she always looks for the best interests of her clients. I am happy to know that I can count on Amalia in the future because she is always willing to run the extra mile and provide added value and advice as a great professional and friend.
Amalia is super professional and we had a beautiful experience working with her and her team. She has a deep acknowledgment about the market, so we really felt secure to buy our first house.  As a bilingual couple, it was such a nice surprise to learn that she could speak not only Spanish but also Portuguese. On top of all that, I would recommend her service also for the kindness of her heart to really try to understand what we needed and what would make us happy and comfortable. We know that trying to find a home can be really stressful so I felt blessed to have Amalia's support.
Highly recommend. Amalia was very knowledgeable, professional and willing to adapt to our schedules. The whole process was really smooth and Amalia was of great help throughout it all.
Amalia is the best agent I could have chosen!  She took the time to listen to me and show me properties that fit my interests.  Also she helped me choose,  took me to the open houses and gave me her honest opinion about them. And the most important thing for me was that she didn't put any pressure to make any decision until I was ready! When I finally made my choice, she accompanied me throughout the process and thanks to Amalia, I now live in the apartment of my dreams!
Amalia is an amazing real estate agent. She helped us buy our first home in D.C., where we had no market experience. She provided us with excellent advice, information, and was very patient in answering all the questions we had.We were impressed by her knowledge of the market and her strategic thinking.We feel supported during this process, in which she made us find the perfect home.
It was a pleasure to work with Amalia. She was knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and the complicated process of selling a house. If she didn't have an answer, she would take time to do the research and bring back the information. What we liked the most about Amalia was her flexibility and her willingness to go the extra mile for us. We never felt pressured or rushed to make decisions and she made us feel like we were her most important clients.
Amalia and her team did a fantastic job in helping us find our new home.
As an experienced realtor, she is very knowledgeable of the DMV market. This is complemented with a very good intuition, which allows her to make spot-on assessments of the properties and to build good strategies to maximize the probability that an offer is accepted.
She was particularly helpful in times of COVID. She made sure that all the safety protocols were followed and minimized our exposure to any risks.    
Amalia provides an integral service that goes beyond the standard responsibilities of a real estate agent. This included educating us throughout the whole process so that we could make informed decisions. She also provided support after the home purchase; she recommended reliable and affordable contractors, which was useful for us, as new homeowners with no experience.  
Amalia and her team are extremely hard-working and client-oriented, answering emails/messages promptly and accommodating our home visits in the evenings after work or on weekends. They are very organized, sending periodic reminders so that we did not miss any important steps in the purchase process. This made our home search and purchase super smooth.
We are very grateful to Amalia, and highly recommend working with her.
Buying or selling your home with Amalia means guaranteed success. When we bought our house in 2016, Amalia demonstrated absolute professionalism, deep knowledge of the market and that she is the best negotiator when it comes to her clients' interests.We just sold our house, in 5 days, at an excellent price. Everything went smoothly, without stress and that's a lot to say. When you work with Amalia you know you are in good hands.  We recommend her 100%.
We have been very lucky to have Amalia recommended by a friend and we are more than satisfied with her services.  We were living overseas when we decided to buy so we had to do all the process virtually. Working with Amalia was very easy because she immediately understood what we were looking for.  She replied to all our questions and concerns instantly and helped us find the right house for us. Also, she and her team offer an excellent post-sale service.  She continuously check on us on how things are going regarding the house. We highly recommended Amalia and won't hesitate to work with her again if we need to do a real estate transaction in the future.
Amalia es sin duda la mejor en lo que hace y lo decimos porque no solo es una excelente agente de bienes raíces, va más allá y sin convierte en tu asesora, coach y guía en este complicado mundo del mercado inmobiliario de VA, MD y DC.Una de sus grandes virtudes es que le encanta su trabajo y lo hace con pasión y dedicación. Te guía y da consejos de acuerdo con lo que tú familia necesita y está buscando y no trata de venderte un inmueble solo por venderlo. Se preocupa porque tú elección sea de verdad lo que necesitas.Te acompaña en todo el camino, desde cuando te decides a buscar y nos sabes muy bien lo que quieres, hasta incluso después del cierre se preocupa y guía con la instalación en tú nuevo hogar.Sin duda alguna si estás buscando un hogar para ti y tu familia, Amalia es la mejor. No te arrepentirás de confiar en ella.Amalia muchas gracias por todo y bendiciones para ti.
I was a first-time buyer in a place I did not know well. Buying your first home is a HUGE thing and Amalia guided me through the entire process! 
I can't emphasize how STRONGLY I recommend working with her. She is professional but you feel that you are in the best hands for this! She knows the market, she is great at negotiating and is always there for you.
It was truly gratifying working with her. I can't be happier!